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      Welcome to Yantai Chilung Building Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.

      Persistent innovation and R&D

      Making Efforts to Realize the National Target of Energy Conservation, Emission Reduction and Consumption Reduction
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      Entering Chilung

      Yantai Chilung Building Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.See details>>

      Yantai Chi Lung Building Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in research, manufacture and sale of foam concrete technology, materials and equipment. With more than 10 construction innovation technologies and more than thirty national patents, it is the manufacturer of foam concrete equipment for military industry.
      Our company has accumulated

      Develop market for customers, create benefits for enterprises and create value for employees

      Promoter of New Building Energy Saving Technology, Provider of Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Equipment and Solutions for Building Materials

      Chilung Building Energy Saving Technology

      Persistent innovation and R&D to obtain a number of honorary patents

      development history

      In 2000, the first chi long cement foaming machine was introduced. In the same year, a foam concrete research laboratory was set up to develop


      We adhere to the spirit of honesty, professionalism and innovation, win trust by quality

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